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For a list and description of the Arabic manuscripts containing the Thamaniaṭ Fuṣūl (Shemonah Peraḳim), see Catal. Bodl., 1889–1890.

The Arabic text, in Hebrew characters, with a Latin translation is contained in:—

  1. Porta Mosis sive Dissertationes Aliquot a R. Mose Maimonide, suis in varias Mishnaioth, etc., by Edward Pococke (Oxford, 1654), pp. 181–250.
  2. The Theological Works of the Learned Dr. Pocock, edited by Leonard Twells (London, 1740), pp. 68-93.[1]
  3. It has also been edited by Wolff, with a German translation, under the title Thamaniaṭ Fuṣūl, Musa Maimuni's Acht Capitel. Arabisch und Deutsch mit Anmerkungen von Dr. M. Wolff (Leipzig, 1863). Second revised edition, Leiden, 1903.

In the following are enumerated a partial list of manuscript works containing the whole Abot Commentary, and also of the manuscript Maḥzorim in which the Shemonah Peraḳim are found:[2]



376.3. Massekhoth Aboth, with Sh'muel ibn Tibbon's translation of M.'s commentary. Copy made by Mord'khai ben Levi חלפן at Ferrara for R.
  1. The Porta Mosis also contains the other introductions found in Maimonides' Commentary on the Mishnah, namely, the Introduction to the Mishnah (erroneously called in Seder Zeraim praefatio) , the introduction to Pereḳ Ḥeleḳ, to Ḳodoshim, to Ṭohoroth, and to M'naḥoth. Twells, in his account of the life and writings of Pococke, says (p. 44) that the Mss. Pococke made use of "were very good and some of them, he imagined, the very originals written by the author's (M.'s) own hand." Jaraczewski (ZPhKr., XLVI, p. 22) states that Pococke used an Oxford Ms. The title page of the Porta Mosis has the imprint of H. Hall Academiae Typographus, 1655, but the title page of the Appendix is dated 1654.
  2. See, also, Catalogues des Manuscripts Hébreux et Samaritains de la Bibliothèque Impériale (Paris, 1866), nos. 3321 , 3341, 605, 609, 617, 6743, 7502, and 119110, and catalogues of other libraries.
  3. Neubauer, Catalogue.