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Appendix V

Hao see line 137.

Ming see line 110. See line 254j.


and the Mongol Emperor Shun fled.
Yüan2 shun4 pên1
Yüan shun fled

Yüan see lines 94, 254E.

Shun is composed of 頁 yeh head as radical, with 川 ch'uan streams as phonetic. It originally meant eternal principles, right, and has now come to signify flowing with, in accordance with, obedient to, etc., but is here the name given by the conquering Mings to Tohan Timur, the last Emperor of the Yüan or Mongol dynasty.

Pên was originally composed of 夭 yao calamity as radical, with 贲 pên or fên as phonetic. It is now classed under radical 十 shih ten.


When Ch'êng Tsu succeeded,
Ch'êng2 tsu3 chi4
Complete ancestor connect

Ch'êng see line 26.

Tsu see line 89. See 254m.

Chi see line 227.


he made two capitals.
Li4 liang3 ching1
Establish two city

Li see line 306.

Liang see line 226.

Ching see line 254O. See line 254n.


There were seventeen Emperors,
Shih2 ch'i1 chu3
Ten seven lord

Shih see line 45.

Ch'i see line 84.