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Archery Match Frontispiece
Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel. Edmund Spenser. Illustrative of Elizabethan ruffs 34
The Quadrangle, Leicester's Hospital, Warwick, illustrating timber and plaster framework; also court with galleries 36
The Gateway, Leicester's Hospital, Warwick, illustrating ornamental woodwork and plaster construction 44
The Great Hall, Warwick Castle 48
The Stratford Portrait of Shakespeare, illustrating the soft band 53
The Droeshout "Original" Portrait of Shakespeare, illustratinq the starched band 60
The Chandos Portrait of Shakespeare, illustrating the soft band 64
Marquis of Hamilton. Sir Philip Sidney. Illustrative of falling bands 76
Richard Burbage. John Lowin. Illustrative of falling bands 84
George Clifford, Earl of Cumberland. Henry Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel. Illustrative of Elizabethan hats 100
Hawking 116
Trained Bears 124
Trained Animals 133
Trick Horses 140
The Quintain 156