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Moll Frith, "The Roaring Girl" 332
Robe of Civic Dignitary 336
Two portraits of Queen Elizabeth, illustrating wide buff and elaborate headdress 340
Thomas Sackville, Earl of Dorset. Edward Clinton, Earl of Lincoln. Illustrative of Elizabethan hats 344
Elizabethan Ruffs 348
Portrait of Sir Philip Sidney, illustrating the ruff worn with armour 352
The Droeshout engraving of Shakespeare prefixed to the first folio, illustrating starched band and embroidered doublet 356
John Fletcher. Henry, Prince of Wales. Illustrative of falling bands 360
Queen Elizabeth. Illustrative of the large farthingale 364
Farthingale and Hose 358
Francis de Valois. Illustrative of short hose and cape 372
Sir Walter Raleigh. Illustrative of garters and roses 376
An Elizabethan Bed 380
Oak Chest supported on frame 384
An Elizabethan Chest 338
An Elizabethan Oak Chest 392
An Elizabethan Olive Wood Chest 396