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same stuff and embroidery, cut like a helmet before, the hinder part cut into scollops answering the skirts of their doublets; the bands of their hats were wreaths of silver in form of garlands of wild olives; white feathers, with one fall of carnation; belts of the same stuff, and embroidered with the doublet; silver swords; little Italian bands and cuffs embroidered with silver; fair long tresses of hair.

"The Priests' Habits.—Long robes of white taffeta; long white heads of hair; the High-Priest a cap of white silk shag close to his head, with two labels at the ears, the midst rising in form of a pyramis, in the top thereof a branch of silver; every Priest playing upon a lute; twelve in number.

"The Priests descend, and sing this song following; after whom the Knights likewise descend, first laying aside their veils, belts and swords.


The Knights by this time are all descended and fallen into their place, and then dance their first measure.


The Knights dance their second measure.


The Knights take their ladies to dance with them galliards, durets, corantos, etc., and then lead