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may be practiced), he then pointed out the affected part in the neck of the first child to his majesty, who thereupon touched it, pronouncing these words: 'Le Roy vous touche, Dieu vous guery,' and then hung a rose-noble round the neck of the little girl with a white silk ribbon. He did likewise with the other three. During the performance of this ceremony, the above named bishop, who stood close to the King, read from the gospel of Saint John, and lastly a prayer, whilst another clergyman knelt before him and made occasional responses during the prayer. Now when this was concluded, three lords—among whom were the earl of Montgomery and his brother—came forward at the same time, one bearing a golden ewer, another a basin, and a third a towel. They fell on their knees thrice before the king, who washed himself, and then went with the young Prince (who, with his Highness, walked before his Majesty) through the ante-room again into the apartment. His Highness, however, remained in the ante-room. This ceremony of healing is understood to be very distasteful to the King, and it is said he would willingly abolish it; but he cannot do so, because he assumes the title of king of France as well; for he does not cure as king of England, by whom this power is said to have been possessed, but as a King of France, who ever had