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Library Edition $1.50 net Gift Edition (limp leather) 2.50 net

An account of Wagner's music dramas, from "The Flying Dutchman," thru "Parsifal," that any intelligent reader with no knowledge of music may understand and enjoy. The author, as did Wagner, gives the dramatic and human interest first place. Effective verse translations by Eric Maclagan of some of the more lyrical passages are included.

This successful attempt to free Wagner from the mesh of motifs and other high mysteries that have made his work a terror to many will make this work an ideal gift book. It is in its sixth large edition in England.

MASTERSINGERS l2mo. $1.35 net.

The contents includes Tristan und Isolde, Tschaikowsky's Sixth Symphony (the famous "Pathetique "), Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony, The Music of the Cafés, The Spirit of the Piano, The Old Cathedral Organists, Berlioz, An Irish musician, etc.