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to his three children—John, Thomas and Anna—and in 1712 the will was presented in Northumberland county court by his "brother-in-law," Captain John Cralle. Robert Walton, in his will proved in Northumberland. July 19, 1671 mentions his sister, Frissie Mathew, and brother-in-law, Thomas Mathew, and there is a power of attorney dated January 3, 1737, and on record in Northumberland, from Thomas Mathew. of Sherbon Lane. London, gent., and Mr. John Mathew of London, merchant, and Anna, his wife, which Thomas and Anna were the surviving children of Thomas Mathew. formerly of Cherry Point, in Virginia. to Thomas Crompton. of Maryland, to sell his lands in Virginia.

Matthews, George, son of John Matthews, who came to Virginia about 1737 and was one of the first settlers on the great tract of land granted to Benjamin Borden, was born in 1739; was first a merchant in Staunton; in 1774 a captain of a company in the battle of Point Pleasant; in June, 1775, a burgess for Augusta in the assembly; soon after appointed lieutenant-colonel of the Ninth Virginia Regiment; captured with his regiment at Germantown; exchanged in 1781 and commanded the Third Virginia Regiment under General Green in the south; removed to Georgia in 1785, where he was elected to the first congress, 1789-1791, and made governor. 1793-1796; brigadier general in the expedition for the capture of West Florida in 1811. He died in Augusta, Georgia. August 30, 1812.

Maury, James, son of Matthew Maury and Mary Anne Fontaine, was born April 8, 1718; was educated at William and Mary College; ordained a minister in 1742; then was a minister one year in King William county, and afterwards was minister of Fredericksville parish, Hanover and Louisa counties; plaintiff in the famous parson's cause, 1763; and died June 9, 1769. He married Mary Walker, daughter of James Walker, and was father of Rev. Matthew Maury. who succeeded him in the parish, and of Rev. Walker Maury ( q. v.).

Maury, Matthew, was of Castle Mauran, Gascony, France, came to Virginia in 1708. He married, in 1716, Mary Anne Fontaine, sister of Revs. Francis and Peter Fontaine ( q. v.). He was ancestor of the Maurys of Virginia.

Maury, Walker, son of Rev. James and Mary (Walker) Maury, was born July 21, 1752; educated at William and Mary College, 1770-1774, where in the latter year he obtained the Botetourt gold prize for classical learning; had a grammar school in Williamsburg, and in 1786 was made principal of the Norfolk Academy. He died of the yellow fever, October 11, 1788. He married Mary Grymes.

Mayo, John, son of Major William Mayo and Anne Perratt. His wife, was born in Virginia about 1737; was burgess from Cumberland county in the place of John Fleming, deceased, at the session of March 31, 1768, till the close of the assembly, 1769; then burgess for Cumberland in 1769-1771, 1772-1774, 1775-1776; member of the conventions of 1774, 1775. 1776; he was colonel of militia; died at his seat "Powhatan," in Henrico county, June 17, 1780. He married Mary Tabb. of Gloucester county and left issue.

Mayo, William, a noted surveyor, was son