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FROM 1485 TO 1527
August 9. Wilhelmus Westoun presb. herfordiensis dioc. anglicus fo. 316r
" 30. marcurinus boijssetus de dola[1] Bisuntinensis dioc. dives castrensis fo. 317r
October 8. Adrianus lapostoel[2] de mechlinia minorennis fo. 320r
" 9. Ricardus Warham[3] anglicus fo. 320v
December 24. Dominus Wilhelmus Reuettus Anglus maiorennis fo. 321v
February 23. Mattheus patersen de loulando Sti. Andree dioc. pauper castrensis fo. 322v
June 8. Ieronimus Sandelien[4] traiectens. dioc. minorennis iuravit pro eo Io. gastel subpactor librorum fo. 324v
August 31. Nycolaus Vegerius de Lucemburgo trevirensis dioc. dives standonicus fo. 327r
September 2. Iacobus Blijth anglus maiorennis fo. 328r
February 27. Petrus tittelmans[5] de Hasselt dives ex castro fo. 329r
July Dns. Iohannes hering anglicus fo. 332r
February 28. Dauid menzes de aberdonia sub episcopo Aberdonensi e castro dives fo. 338v
" 28. Hugo Ryg dunfronensis Glascuiens. dioc. fo. 338v
May 13. Dominus Iohannes Neuellus anglus fo. 341r
" 31.
Thomas occleus
Nicolas Ridleus[6] Angli natione
Robertus Bullardus
fo. 341r
August 6. Gabriel de Vlierden[7] filius Baltazar Bruxellensis iuravit pro eo Godscalc. de Dyest fo. 342r
" 31. gysbertus oem de wygaerd[8] dives porcensis fo. 344v

A General Court of the Merchant Adventurers in 1547

The document printed below from the Tanner MS. 90 in the Bodleian Library appears to consist of two leaves from the Court Books of one of the Tudor trading companies. The references

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  2. See entry of 3 August 1517.
  3. Probably identical with Richard Warham, D.C.L.: Diet. of Nat. Biog.
  4. A student in the Collegium Trilingue in 1530; later receiver-general of Zeeland: Henne, iii. 237.
  5. Brother to Francis; inquisitor: cf. Paquay, Frans Tittelmans van Hasselt (see entry of 12 June 1518), pp. 143–7.
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