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320 SHORT NOTICES April 1922 The Italians are capable of an interest in their past that appears to be boundless ; witness the numerous ' Deputazioni di storia patria ' and the local historical societies which chronicle the history of particular towns. It is now the turn of Tivoli. Among the contributors to the first number of the Atti e Memorie della Societa Tiburtina di storia e d'Arte (1921) we are glad to find Mrs. Hallam, who claims to have identified the spot where the villa of Horace stood, and Mr. Ashby, who has recast the article dealing with the Koman remains in the monastery of St. Antonio which first appeared in the Journal of Roman Studies in 1914. There are further interesting articles on the earliest bishops of Tivoli (by Monsignor Cascioli) ; on the residence of Cardinal Ippolito d'Este at Tivoli (by Dr. Presciutti) ; and an exhaustive study on the Villa d'Este built by Cardinal Ippolito (by Signer Pacifici). A few notable documents concerning the brief occupation of Tivoli by Garibaldian soldiers in 1867, during the episode which culminated with the battle of Mentana, close the series of articles. These studies promise well for the future of the society, and show that Tivoli is as deserving of historical research in its medieval and renaissance days as in Roman times. C. F. With commendable enterprise the Department of Modern Indian History of the University of Allahabad has started a Journal of Indian History, under the editorship of Professor Shafaat Ahmad Khan. The journal is to be issued three times a year, arid the publishers are the Oxford University Press. The first number (November 1921) contains several interesting articles, besides reviews of recent historical works. Judging from the numerous typographical errors, it was prepared in some haste ; and the same reason may account for the fact that the editor's own contributions occupy nearly two-thirds of the space. It was a good idea to print a number of documents selected from English archives, dealing with the trade between England and India in the seven- teenth century ; but the choice has been rather haphazard, and there are many obvious errors in transcription. W. F.


Pp. 81–2. Mr. H. G. Richardson supplies the following corrections for the readings in the Latin text: Line 7, for parliamentum, parleamentum; line 22, for proficietur, perficietur; line 23, for Octabam, Octabas; lines 40–1, delete cum perventum … intererunt. He also notes that in the previous sentence the last clause, from 'et similiter', is an interlineation running over two lines, and that a stop in line 7 after expedire elucidates the sense.

P. 92, n. 7, for Diet, of Nat. Biog. read Biog. Nat. de Bclg. P. 105, n. 3, for Diet, of Nat. Biog. read Register of the Univ. of Oxford, i. 101.