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1255. Obiit Walterius archiepiscopus Eboracensis Kal. Maii. Eclipsis solis facta est iii Kal. Ianuarii. Obiit Willelmus de Eboraco episcopus Sarum ii Kal. Februarii. Cui successit magister Egidius decanus Wellensis.
1258.[1] Magnum parlamentum baronum apud Oxoniam. Expulsio iiii fratrum domini regis. Item dedicacio ecclesie Sarum in festo sancti Michaelis. Aduentus regis Alemannie in Angliam.
1261. Decessit magister Ricardus de Cicestria, abbas Radingensis, xi Kal. Aprilis. Successit Ricardus Banastre.
1262. Rex, scilicet Henricus iii, et regina, scilicet Alienora, transfretauerunt in Francia[m] post natiuitatem sancti Iohannis Baptiste; redierunt ante Natiuitatem Domini. Item obiit Ricardus comes Glouernie. Item obiit Egidius episcopus Sarum ii Idus Decembris. Successit Walterius de la Wyle.
fo. 113r. 1264. Bellum inter regem, scilicet Henricum iii, et barones … [four lines] … fugati [?] fuere et … capti, [?] scilicet, rex Henricus iii captus fuit [et] frater eius Ricardus, scilicet rex Alemannie, [et] Eduuardus, scilicet filius regis … iti ob[sides?] … [one line]… eodem anno … cometes, scilicet stella … per iii menses in estate splendorem … illius [?] … tendens [?]..

Some Lost Pleas of 1195

A Roll of the King's Court[2] edited by the late Professor Maitland for the Pipe Roll Society,[3] which he associated with an eyre held by Simon de Pateshull and his fellows in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire, probably in 1195, has lost the foot of its third membrane. Fortunately the Harleian MS. 301 has preserved for us, among 'collectanea quaedam propria nostra manu annotata', a copy made by Sir Simonds D'Ewes while the roll was more perfect, though already damaged; it is partly in transcript, partly in calendar, and includes nearly all the entries then legible. D'Ewes expanded the contractions in most cases, and added comments in parentheses; but it is noticeable that, judged by the Society's transcript, his reading was not always impeccable. The third membrane, interrupted in the middle of p. 131 of the Society's version, related entirely to Buckinghamshire (except perhaps for no. 11), and was continued as follows.[4]

G. H. Fowler.

[Harl. MS. 301, fo. 10 d.]

1. Assisa venit recognitura si Ricardus de Turuill' iniuste leuauit quandam fossatam et quasdam domos in Chaufhunte[5] ad nocumentum

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