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passage by þe grace of god, hoo haffe yow and alle yowris in his gracius kepyng body and soule. Worshipfull Syr, haffe me excuset of myn endytyng for I can do none other wyse bot as corse of merchandise askes.
Vreten at Cales the xiiij day of June
     By yowr pore bedeman
     Symonde L. 🜨

To my Right Worshipfull and … Syr and my gode master Thomas Thorpe in þe medyll Temple yn London.

A Calendar of the Correspondence of Sir Thomas More THE chief sources here used for More's letters are the following : I. Opus Epistolarum Des. Erasmi Roterodami, Oxford, 1906- . 4 volumes. II. The Workes of Sir Thomas More Knyght, sometyme Lorde Chauncellour of England, wrytten by him in the Englysh tonge, London, 1557. III. Thomas Stapleton : ' Vita Thomae Mori ' in Tres Thomae, Douay, 1588. Stapleton carried manuscript letters of More with him to Douay. These he incorporated, in whole or in part, in his Vita Thomae Mori, published when the Roman Catholics were most hopeful, just before the sailing of the Armada. His extracts are often very brief ; and the few which can be compared with the complete letters preserved elsewhere are found sometimes not to give the most interesting part of the letter. (See cap. iii. 845", Introduction, and W. H. Hutton, Sir Thomas More, 1885, p. vi.) For most of the English letters those preserved in the British Museum and the Public Record Office, and epitomized in J. S. Brewer's Letters and Papers of Henry VIII no opening words are given ; the formal phrases being in many cases almost identical. Twenty of the Latin letters (3-5, 14, 24, 59, 64, 74, 80-4, 93, 95, 152, 155-6, 177, 204) are printed by Jortin in his Life of Erasmus, 1760, vol. ii. I am greatly indebted to M. Del- court for allowing me to use his manuscript notes of More's correspondence ; and to Professor de Vocht of Louvain for communicating to me his discoveries among the letters of Crane- velt. 1 ELIZABETH FRANCES ROGERS. 1. I. i. 114. Erasmus to More. Vix vllis ... 28 October 1499, Oxford. 1 I have to thank the Library of Princeton University for the loan of a beautiful copy of More's English works, and am particularly grateful to Mr. Percy S. Allen of Merton College, who has generously read the proofs and made valuable suggestions.