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ing the congregation to become more thoughtful, more fervent in their devotional attitude, we must have:

1. More appropriate selections.

2. A more sincerely reverent and a more thoroughly non-egoistic attitude on the part of the soloists.

Because these things are so difficult of attainment under present conditions our feeling is that, all in all, chorus music is probably considerably more effective as a ve- hicle for making a religio-esthetic appeal, than solo singing.

PROGRESS IN The public schools are doing very

PUBLIC SCHOOL much more in the way of teaching


TO CHURCH CHOIRS music than form erly, and in many places consistent work is being

carried on as the result of which the children now in school are learning to read music notation somewhat fluently, to use their voices correctly, and are culti- vating as well a certain amount of taste in music. Because of this musical activity in the public schools, our task of organizing and directing volunteer church choirs should be very much simplified in the near future. Community singing will help at this point also, and the very much larger number of boys and girls who are receiving training as the result of the devel- opment of high school music, ought to make it consider- ably easier to secure the right type of choir director in the future than has been the case in the past. As a result of the present widespread interest in music and music study, it should be possible also to get very much better congregational singing, and withal to interest the congregation (and the preacher!) in a better type of music. All in all, the outlook is extremely promising and we venture to predict a great improvement in all that pertains to church music during the next quarter century.

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