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The System of Tales in the Folklore Collect. of Copenh.
29. The Green Knight (Den grönne ridder); GÆ I 14. The flying lover wounded and healed.

30. The Snake-Prince (Kongesön i slangeham); GlM III 4. Delivered by kiss.

31 A. King-Snake (Kong Lindorm); GlM I 216. Delivered by whip and bridal bed.

31 B. The Three Nuts (De tre nødder). Repudiated queen saves men by fetching contract in hell.

32. »Wonderful» (Del vidunderlige foster); GÆ I 7. The monstrous son helps his mother.

33. The Vampire-Princess (Menneskeæderen); comp. No. 23 B. Enchanted maiden delivered by whipping.

34. The Horse-Prince (Prinsen i hesteham); GÆ III p. 128, Gr 144.

35. The Duck (Den lille and); GlM III 81, Gr 13.

36. Griseldis (Den tålmodige kvinde); GlM II 310.

37. The Girls in the Pond (De to ulige søstre); JF V 17, Gr 24.

38. Brother and Sister (De to kongeborn); Gr 11.

39. The Deer-Prince (Hjorteprinsen); GlM III 37. Delivered by lady entering forbidden chamber.

40. The Seven Ravens (Ravneprinserne); Gr 25.

41. The Juniper Tree (Den lille fugl); Gr 47.

42. The Maiden in the Flower (Pigen i urtepotten); comp. Gr 160.

43. The Cat-Prince (Katteprinsen); JF XIII 13. Boy helps cat in the ghost-house, cat delivered by mother-milk.

44. The Disowned Queen and the Talking Bird, the Singing Tree, the Flowing Water (Den forskudte dronning og den talende fugl, det syngende træ, det rindende vand); JF V 23, Gr 96. 97.

45 A. The Fairy Godmother [The Mute Queen] (Den stumme dronning); Gr 3.

45 B. Born from Fish (Født af fisk); GÆ II 9. Man becomes pregnant by eating fish, girl in the