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The System of Tales in the Folklore Collect. of Copenh.

III 7. Wife tricks the Evil One, who never get promised reward for help.

60. Sin and Mercy (Synd og nåde); GÆ II 17.

61 A. The Wishing Table, the Gold Ass and the Cudgel in the Sack (Tryllegaverne); Gr 36.

61 B. The Dwarf's Gifts stolen by the Fox (Dværgegaverne og ræven); Folkeæventyr optegnede af Folkemindesamfundet 58.

62. The Running Pot (Den levenae gryde); GlM III 143.

63. Donkey-Cabbages (De sære frugter); JF V 46, Gr 122.

64. The Three Wishes of the Blacksmith (Smedens tre ønsker); JF V 32. Sct. Peter's three wishes helps blacksmith when the Evil One comes to fetsch him.

65. The Handmill (Kværnen); GlM I 110, Gr 103.

66. The Tricks of the Hill-Folks (Bjærgmandskunsterne), GlM I 246. Peasant daughters married to hill-folks; father repeats tricks he saw sons-in-law perform, hurts himself, drowns during last performance.

67. The Help of the Unburied man (Den dodes hjælp).

A. Puss in Boots (Kongen narret); GlM I 108.

B. Overboard (Overbord); Kamp II 45.

C. The Troll's Head (Troldens hoved).

68. The Devil's Three Golden Hairs (Den rige mand). GÆ I 12, Gr 29.

69. The Ways of Providence (Forsynets veje); GÆ I 6.

70. The Blinded Man (Den blinde); GlM III 82. Hears in tree the conversation of animals: healed by dew and heals princess.

71. The Foundling (Hittebarnet); Ritterhaus, Neuisl. 60, 2.

72. The Robbers' Den (Røverkulen); JF VII 25. »Just as with us».

73. The Robber Bridegroom (Roverens kæreste); Gr 40.

74. Faithful (Trofast); GÆ II 16.

75. The Wishes (Ønskerne); GlM II 12, Bäckström: