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The Life of ÆSOP.

Buy me or No. Ay but tell me again ſays the Philoſopher, Wo'nt you run away? Pray ſays Æſop, did you ever hear of a Bird in a Cage that told his Maſter he Intended to make his Eſcape? Xanthus was well enough pleaſed with the Turn and Quickneſs of his Wit; but ſays he, That Unlucky Shape of yours will ſet People a Hooting and Gaping at you whereever you go. A Philoſopher ſays Æſop ſhould Value a man for his Mind, Not for his body. This preſence of Thought gave Xanthus a High Opinion of the Wiſdom of the Man; and ſo he bad the Merchant ſet him his Loweſt Price of That Miſerable Creature. Why ſays he, you had as good Cheapen a Dunghill; but if you'l bid me like a Chapman for either of the Other Two, you ſhall have this Phantome into the Bargaine. Very good ſays the Philosopher; and without any more ado what's your ſelling Price? The Merchant ſpeaks the Word, The Philoſopher pays the Money, and takes Æſop away with him.

Cap. IV.

Xanthus Preſents Æſop to his Wife.

XANTHUS had no ſooner made his Purchaſe, and carry'd his Jewel home with him, but, having a kind of Nice Froward Piece to his Wife, the Great Difficulty was how to put her in humour for the Entertainment of his monſter, without throwing the Houſe out at the Window. My Dear, ſays he, You have been often complaining of Careleſs Servants; And I have bought you one Now that I am Confident will fit your Turn. Heſhall Go and Come and Waite and do Every thing as you would have him; Oh, your Servant Sweet heart ſays ſhe, but what did he Coſt you? Why Truly very Reaſonable; but at preſent He's a little Tann'd and out of caſe you muſt know, with his Journy, ſays the Husband, and ſo he Order'd him to be Call'd in. The Cunning Gipſy ſmoak'd the Matter presently. Some Monster ſays ſhe, He be Hanged elſe. Wife, Wife, ſays Xanthus If you are a good Woman That that Pleaſes Me Muſt Pleaſe You too. While These Words were between his Lips, up comes Æſop towards them, she gave him a Fierce Look, and Immediately diſcharg'd her Choler upon her Husband. Is this a Man, or a Beaſt? ſays ſhe, and what Clearer Proofe in the World Could You have