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The Life of ÆSOP.

and if the Tongue be the Key that Leads Us into all Knowledge, what could be more proper and suitable than a Feaſt of Tongues for a Philoſophicall Banquet?

When Xanthus found the Sence of the Table to be on Æſop's side; Well my Friends says he; Pray will You Eate with me to Morrow, And I'le try If I can mend your Chear; and Mr Major Domo, ſays he to Æſop, let it be the Care of your Gravity and Wiſdome to Provide us a Supper to Morrow, of the very worſt Things You can Think of.

Cap. VIII.

A Second Treat of Tongues.

XANTHUS's Gueſts met again The Next day according to The Appointment; and Æſop provided them the very ſame Services of Tongues and Tongues over and over, As they had the night before. Sirrah (ſays Xanthus to his Servant) what's the Meaning of This; That Tongues ſhould be the Beſt of Meats One Day, and the Worſt the Other? Why Sr ſays he, There is not any Wickedneſs under the Sun, That the Tongue has not a part in. As Murders, Treaſons, Violence, Injuſtice, Frauds, and All Manner of Lewdneſs: for Councells muſt be firſt Agitated, The Matter in Queſtion Debated, Reſolv'd upon, and Communicated by Words, before the Malice comes to be executed in Fact. Tongue Whether wilt Thou! (ſays the Old Proverb) I go to Build (ſays the Tongue,) and I goe to pull downe.

This Petulant Liberty of Æſop, Gall'd his Maſter to the very Soul of him, and one of the Gueſts, to Help forward his Evil Humour; Cry'd out, This Fellow is enough to make a Body Mad. Sr (ſays Æſop) you have very Little Buſineſs to doe of your own I perceive, by the Leizure you have to Intermeddle in Other Peoples Matters; You would find ſome other Employment elſe, then to Irritate a Maſter againſt his Servant.