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David Wilkins, nominated 14th Dec. 1720, appointed 29th Sept., and admitted 26th Jan. 1720-21. Ob. 6th Sept. 1745.

John Potter, nominated 18th Sept. 1745, and instituted 25th Sept., vice David Wilkins[1].

David Durell, 27th Jan. 1767, vice John Potter resigned[2]. Died 1775.

Everard Buckworth, 7th Nov. 1775, vice David Durell[3].

Edward Walsby, 5th Feb. 1793, vice Everard Buckworth[4]. Died 11th June 1815, aged 64.

George Holcombe, nominated 24th June 1815, vice Edward Walsby deceased[5]. Instituted 20th July following[6].

Hon. John Evelyn Boscawen, 8th Feb. 1822, vice George Holcombe resigned[7]. Ob. 12th May 1851, aged 61.

This stall was suspended on the death of the Hon. and Rev. Mr. Boscawen.
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