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The see having been vacant two years, the dean and chapter of St. Asaph bind themselves, 14th Sept. 1249, in all future elections to observe the English rule, and obtain the King's license to elect, and afterwards his assent to the election[1], as did also the bishop elect[2]; and

?? Hen. III.
Anian, bishop of St. Asaph, did homage to the King for the lands, &c. pertaining to his bishopric 27th Sept. 1249[3], and he was consecrated before the close of that year[4]. He died in Sept. 1266, and was succeeded by

?? Hen. III.
John II, who was consecrated in 1267 by the archbishop of Canterbury, assisted by the bishops of Ely and Llandaff[5]. The see became void again 4th Jan. 1268[6], and

?? Hen. III.
Anian II, surnamed de Schonau, prior of Rhudland, was chosen, and obtained the royal assent 24th Sept. 1268[7]. He was consecrated 21st Oct. following at St. Mary's, Southwark[8]; and died 5th Feb. 1293[9]. The license to elect a bishop in the room of the last issued 23rd Feb. 1293[10], in pursuance of which

?? Edw, I.
Leolinus de Bromfeild[11] was chosen 6th April 1293[12], and received the royal assent to his election 6th May following[13], and the confirmation of the prior and chapter of Canterbury on the 9th. The temporalities[14] were restored to him on the 13th, and he was con-

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