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?? H. VII.
David ap Owen, abbot "de Valle Crucis"[1], appointed by papal bull dated 18th Dec. 1503, and consecrated in February 1503-4. He died in Feb. 1512—3[2], and was buried in his cathedral.

?? H. VIII.
Edmund Birkhead, alias Brokehed, S.T.D. succeeded by papal bull dated 15th April 1513[3], and was consecrated 29th May following[4]. He died at the beginning of April 1518.

?? H. VIII.
Henry Standish, S.T.D, appointed by papal bull, dated 28th May 1518[5], and consecrated at Otford 11th July following[6]. He died 9th July 1535[7], and was buried in the Minories, London.

A congé d'élire vice Henry Standish issued 7th Jan. 1535-6[8], pursuant to which

?? H. VIII.
William Barlow, S.T.P., was elected 16th Jan. 1535—6, received the royal assent 27th Feb.[9] and was confirmed by the archbishop on the following day[10]. On 21st April 1536, he was translated to St. David's[11].

On the translation of bishop Barlow to St. David's a license to elect a bishop in his room issued 29th May 1536[12], and

?? H. VIII.
Robert Warton[13], S.T.B., abbot of St. Saviour's Bermondsey, was elected 8th June 1536[14], received the royal assent to his election on the 24th of the same month[15], and the archbishop's confirmation two

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