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17th Dec. 1587, ætat. 64; buried in the cathedral of St. Asaph.

Thomas Banks was made dean 18th Dec. 1587[1], and died 31st July 1634.

Andrew Morris, installed 28th Aug. 1634[2]. He died before 1654.

David Lloyd, LL.D., was presented by the King 30th July, and admitted 17th Oct. 1660, and died 7th Sept. 1663[3].

Humphrey Lloyd, S.T.P., was collated 14th Dec. 1663[4], and in 1673 made bishop of Bangor.

Nicholas Stratford, S.T.P., 11th May 1674; from this dignity he was made bishop of Chester in 1689.

George Bright, S.T.P., succeeded l0th Sept. 1689[5]. Ob. 2nd July 1696.

Daniel Price, A.M., collated 26th July 1696[6]. Ob. 7th Nov. 1706.

William Stanley, S.T.P., archdeacon of London, collated 7th Dec. 1706[7], Ob. 9th Oct. 1731.

William Powell, S.T.P., 21st Oct. 1731[8], Ob. 13th April 1751.

William Herring, 1st May 1751[9].

William Davis Shipley, 27th May 1774[10]. Ob. 7th May 1826, aged 81.

Charles Scott Luxmoore was nominated on the 16th, and collated 26th June 1826[11].

This deanery is rated for first fruits at 45l. 11s. 5½d.[12]


Daniel ap-Sulgion or Sulghein; he was elected bishop of St. David's in 1076, and being forced to fly thence, took shelter at St. Asaph, and became archdeacon. Ob. 1127.

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