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to those noblemen and gentlemen who have most kindly aided him in preparing the ensuing pages for the press. As regards the diocese of Canterbury, he has to make his grateful acknowledgments to his Grace the Archbishop, lord Charles Thynne, and Mr. Foss. In the diocese of Bangor, to the very Rev. the Dean of Bangor. In the diocese of Exeter, to the Rev. Dr. Oliver and Mr. Pitman Jones. In the diocese of Hereford, to the Rev. John Webb, Rector of Tretire. In the diocese of Lichfield, to Mr. William Salt of Russell Square, and the Rev. Robert W. Eyton, Rector of Ryton, Salop. In the diocese of Lincoln, to Mr. John Ross and the Rev. John Hodgson, of St. Peter's, Thanet. In the diocese of London, to the Ven. Archdeacon Hale and Mr. Dyke. In the diocese of Norwich, to the lord Bishop of Norwich and Mr. John Kitson. In the diocese of Oxford, to the Ven. Archdeacon Clerke, and the Rev. Dr. Bliss, Principal of St. Mary Hall. In the diocese of St. David's, to the lord Bishop of St. David's. In the diocese of Carlisle, to Mr. G. G. Mounsey. In the diocese of Durham, to the Rev. Joseph Stevenson. For the portion relating to Westminster, to the Rev. John Jennings, and Mr. ex-Sheriff Evans. For Windsor, to the Hon. and Rev. H. C. Cust, Canon of Windsor. For Eton, to the Rev. John Eyre Yong. For Southwell to the Rev. J. F. Dimock, Minor Canon of Southwell. For the portion relating to the University of Oxford, he has especially to refer to the Rev. Dr. Bliss, Principal of St. Mary Hall; the Rev. Dr. Cardwell, Principal of St. Alban Hall ; the Rev. Dr. Bandinel, Principal Librarian of the Bodleian ; and the Rev. H. O. Coxe, one of the Librarians of the Bodleian. For the Uni-