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��Robert Honiwood, LL.D.^ was installed i8th Aug.

1509^^. He died 22nd Jan. 1523, and was buried at

Windsor -'9. John Moynys seems to have succeeded Honiwood.

Ob. 1525. Thomas Ceanmeu,* S.T.P., succeeded in 1525, and in

1533 was made archbishop of Canterbury ^o. George Henneage was archdeacon of Taunton in

1540. Ob. 1548, dean of Lincoln. John Redmayne was possessed of it in 1547. He died

in Nov. 1551, and was buried in Westminster Abbey *'i. John Fitz-James, A.M., 22nd May 1554^2. Deprived

in 1559. Justinian Lancaster, 1^60^'^. Philip Bisse, S.T.P., was installed 23rd May 1584^^. Matthew Sutcliffe, LL.D., was installed 30th Jan.


Philip Bisse, junior, succeeded SutcHffe. He died 28th Oct. 1613, and was buried in Batcombe, Somerset- shire, 86 tat. 72.

Peter Lilye, S.T.P. He died in 16 15. His will is dated 22nd Feb. 161 4 5, and was proved 14th June 1615.

Samuel Ward, S.T.P., was installed 29th April,

William Piers^ A.M., archdeacon of Bath, was installed 19th Dec. 16436". He died 4th April 1682, setat. 70. His will is in the Prerogative Office, London ^s.

Edward Waple, S.T.B., was installed 22nd April 168269. He died 8th June 1712, and was buried in the outer chapel of St. Johns college, Oxford, on the I J th of that month.

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