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Sir Thomas Bankes JAnson, 22nd Jan. 1773, vice Henrv Willes 2.

Charles Moss^ 25th Feb. 1799, vice Sir Thomas Bankes J'Anson-s.

Charles Sandiford, 29tli June 1805, vice Charles Moss 30.

John Watson Beadon, 24th June 181 2, vice Charles Sandiford-^i. He died Aug. 1835, ^^^

The precentorship of Wells became vested in the Eccle- siastical Commissioners, who presented

John Hothersall Finder, loth Aug. 1840, vice John Watson Beadon.

This dignity is rated for first fruits at 24.I. 6s. ^d.^'^


This dignity was erected at the same time as the

deanery, about 113.5. William enjoyed it in the times of dean Ivo and dean

Alexander, about 114533. Peter, 1205, 12173^. Godfrey, 1219^^.

Richard held it in 1223 and 1228^6. Henry, 123537.

Richard de Kenilworth, about 123938. Luke, 124139. Peter, i242'*o. Henry of London, 1245^1. Hugh de Rumene, the suhdean, 1255, 1263^'-. Nicholas Button, i269-'3. Nicholas Fitz-Nicholas, I27444_

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