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An increasing family and the expenses consequent thereon, the want of stipendiary occupation, and the failure of his publication of the " Fasti," seem to have involved him in pecuniary embarrassments which compelled him to sell the manor of White Roothing, the principal part of his paternal inheritance[1]. Notwithstanding his want of success with the "Fasti," he published in 1716 the "Life of Dr. Field, Dean of Gloucester[2];'" and in 1717 a single volume, "intended as a specimen of a much larger work," of his "Monumenta," and containing epitaphs of persons then recently deceased, (from 1700 to 1715.) This was followed in 1718 by two more volumes, which embraced the period from 1650 to 1699[3]. In 1719 he brought out two other volumes, designed as supplementary, and extending the series from 1600 to 1718[4]. He speaks, in his preface to these last, of having made collections

  1. He sold it, in 1717, to Robert Sumner, esq.
  2. Lond. 8vo. 1716. The Life was written by Nathaniel Field, and Le Neve seems only to have furnished the Preface to it.
  3. This book was put to press 22nd Oct. 1717. (MS. Harl. 6418.) He advertised that it would be ready by the 1st of November; that no more copies would be printed than were subscribed for, on the same terms as the first, viz. 5s. the small paper, and 8s. the large; half to be paid on subscribing, the other half on delivery. Subscriptions taken in till 1st Nov. and no longer. (MS. Addl. 5875.)
  4. "I received the first proof of this vol. on Saturday, 21st Feb. 1718-19. J. L." (MS. Harl. 6406.) He began this collection 20th March 1715-16. (MS. Harl. 6408.) MS. Harl. 5321 is a paper book, having at the beginning "Collections of Monumental Inscriptions, beginning with the year 1600 and ending with 1649, not yet printed by me, Jo. Le Neve. Apr. 21. 1715."