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to him the next day. He died at Bath i6th Dec.

1732, and was buried there, in the 60th year of his

age. 1733 Charles Cecil was nominated 17th Jan. 1732-3, and 6 Geo. II. consecrated at Bow church by the bishop of London

25th Feb.^*^. He was translated to Bangor in 1734. 1735 Thomas Secker, a 'prebendary of Durham, was nomi- 8 Geo. II. nated in Dec. 1 734 ; confirmed at Bow church 1 8th

Jan., and consecrated 19th Jan. 1734-5^^. He was

translated to Oxford in 1 737 6^.

1737 Thomas Gooch, master of Gonville and Gains college^ j I Geo. II. Cambridge, wsis nominated 17th May 1737, and re- ceived the royal assent i st June ; he was consecrated bishop of Bristol on the I2th6i, and the temporalities were restored to him i6th June. In the following year he was translated to Norwich 6-.

1738 Joseph Butler, dean of St. Paul's, London, was nomi- 2 Geo. II. nated 19th Oct. 1738, received the royal assent 10th

Nov., and was consecrated 3rd Dec.^-^. The tempo- ralities were restored to him on the 12th of the same month. He was translated to Durham in 1750^4,

1750 John Coneybeare, dean of Christ Church, was nomi- 4 Geo. II. nated 14th Nov. 1750, and elected on the 30th of that month. The royal assent was given to his elec- I tion 6th Dec. ; he was confirmed 22nd Dec, and con-

secrated the next day^^; the temporalities were restored to him i8th Jan. foUowing^^. Ob. 13th July 1755.

1756 John Hume, a canon residentiary of St. PauVs, was J Geo. II. elected 18th May 1756, pursuant to the Kings no- mination in the conge d'elire of loth May 1756. The royal assent was given to his election on the 21st of that month ; he was confirmed 4th June, and conse- crated 4th July 67^ and the temporalities were re-

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