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was before 1587. He died about i6i6'^9, and was succeeded by

Christopher Green, S.T.B., who exhibited the King's mandate for the next vacancy 25th April 1614, and was admitted 4th Dec. 1616. He died 5th March 1658, setat. 79, and was buried in the yard belonging to the cathedral^. His will is in the Prerogative Office, London 31.

Richard Towgood, S.T.B., was instituted 14th Sept. 1660, and in 1667 was made dean of this cathedral '5"^.

Samuel Grossman, S.T.B., obtained a patent to suc- ceed in this prebend nth Dec. 1667, and in 1683 he also was promoted to the deanery '^^.

Richard Thompson, A.M., obtained the royal man- date 7th June 1683, and was admitted the 17th of the same month; and in 1684, he likewise was pre- ferred to the deanery 3J.

Walter Hart, A.M., exhibited the King's mandate 13th Sept. 1684, and was instaUed the same day ; and 1st Feb. 1690, he was deprived -^5. He died 2nd Feb. 1735-6 at Kentbury, in Berkshire, setat. 85.

Nathaniel Lye, obtained the royal mandate 25th March 1691, and was admitted accordingly 3^. He was also archdeacon of Gloucester.

John Sutton, 12th July 17233'. He died 30th Dec.

1745- Walter Chapman, nth Feb. 1745-638. Ob. 25th

April 1 79 1, setat. 80. John Chapman, 18th May 1 79139. Ob. 21st April

1816, setat. 74. James Griffith, 5th June i8i6^^ Henry John Ridley, nth Oct. 1816^1. Edward Bankes, 23rd May 18324-2.

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