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fused to restore the temporalities to him. He died 3rd April 125376, setat. ^^6, and was buried in Chichester cathedral in the nave of the church near the altar of St. Edmund the Confessor against the column. His body was subsequently removed to a more honourable place in the cathedral. The royal license to elect a new bishop in the stead of Richard do la Wich issued 14th April 125377. 1253 John 78 Clipping, chancellor of Chichester, was chosen rH. III. 3ist May 125379, received the royal assent on the 23rd 80, and his election was confirmed by Boniface archbishop of Canterbury on the 25th of the same monthsi. He died in the middle of May 1262, and the dean and chapter on the 21st of that month pray the King to issue his license to elect another bishop in his I'oora^'^. The King issued his license accord- ingly 26th May 126283, and 1262 Stephen de Berkstead was elected, and had the )H. III. temporahties restored 20th June 1262. He made his profession to archbishop Boniface, and on Sunday 24th Sept. following he was consecrated 8^. He died 2[st Oct. 128785. 1288 Gilbert de Sancto Leofardo or Leopold 86, trea- ' Edw. I. surer of Chichester, was elected 30th Jan. 1 287-8, and obtained the royal assent and also the temporalities 24th June following 87. He made his profession of obedience to archbishop John, and by him he was consecrated 5th Sept. in the same year88, ^nd died

��76 Matthew Paris says on 80 p^t. 37 Hen. III. m. 11.

2nd April. His biographer Ralph si Lett, in Tower of Lond.

Booking says the 3rd of that No. 484.

month. His will, entered in 83 Jbid. ]Sfo ^6.

Reg. Rede, has been several 83 Pat. 46 Hen. III. m. 10.

times printed. 84 Chron. Wikes.

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