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AViLLiAM Beaumont Busby to the prebend Bursalis,

8th Sept. 1804, vice Thomas ColHns. Samuel Joliffe Tufxell to the prebend of Firles,

13th Nov. 1804, vice Busby resigned J. Ob. Nov.

1850. Edmuxd Caktwright, Jun. to the prebend of Fer-

ring, 2i8t March j8o6, vice John Courtail^^. Ob.

18th March 1833. Richard Bixgham to the prebend of Bargham, 22nd

July 1807, vice Isaac Moody Bingham ^^- George Bliss to the prebend of Highley, 22nd Jan.

1808, ^^ce Moses Dodd-.

Thomas Cobb am to the prebend of Selsey, 21st Oct.

1809, vice Nicholas Heath ^-^

Joseph Francis Fearon to the prebend of Ferring, 9th Aug. 18 II, vice Edmund Cartwright^^.

James Dallaway to the prebend of Hova Ecclesia, 1 6th Oct. 1 81 1, vice Joseph Francis Fearon s^.

James Webber to the prebend of Somerley, 25th May

1813, vice William Lord ^. Ob. 1850.

Henry' Plimley to the prebend of Waltham, ist March

1 8 14, vice Henry ^S'^hitfield ^^ .

James Dallaway* to the prebend of Ferring, nth

Jan. 181 7, vice Joseph Francis Fearon *>. Henry Plimley to the prebend of Hova Ecclesia, 18th

Jan. 1817, vice James Dallaway ^^. Thomas Cobb to the prebend of Waltham, 31st Jan.

1 81 7, vice Henry PHmley resigned '^^. Ob. 26th Nov.

1817. John Gratwick Challen to the prebend of Selsey,

6th Feb. 1817, vice Thomas Cobb'Ji. Ob. 6th Dec.

835- Samuel Holland to the prebend of Thorney. 5th Sept.

18 1 7, vice Charles Birch '^-.

"8 Bishops' Certificates. ^ Bishops' Certificates.

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