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��1296 David Martin ^^ was elected in June 1293, and re- 25 Edw. I. ceived the royal assent 28tli July^s following. He was confirmed 30th Sept., and received the temporalities nth Oct.^-". The Pope however was not satisfied with the election, perhaps for the reason mentioned in note 6'-, and summoned him to Rome before consecra- tion; king Edward sent to his Holiness letters ^^ com- mendatory of Martin's life, conversation, parentage, and loyalty, and entreated the Pope's favour in his behalf66. The court of Rome having confirmed the election, he was consecrated in Rome in Dec. 1296^7. The King issued another mandate 24th Jan. 1296-7 to restore the temporalities to the new bishop ^s. He died 9th March 1327-8 at his manor of Landesey, and was buried in St. David's cathedral. The precentor and chapter of St. David's inform the King 17th March 1327-8 of the death of David Martin their late bishop, and recommend Henry de Gower archdeacon of St. David's to supply his place ^^. The conge d'elire issued accordingly on the 26th of that month '<J, and 2 1 St April the precentor and chapter inform the King that they had elected 1328 Henry de Gower, archdeacon of St. David^s^ ; who 2 Ed. III. obtained the royal assent ist May 13287-^, and the temporalities on the 26th of the same month 73. He

��"2 Godwin, on the authority of the Chronicle of Osney, states that on the death of bishop Becke, David of St. Edmund's was elected, and the see of Can- terbury being then void, the chapter of Canterbury confirmed the election. If this be so, it may account for the proceedings in the court of Rome against David Martin mentioned in the text, about which there is some little difficulty.

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