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304 ST. DAVlD^S.

1705 Gkouge Bull, S.T.P., archdeacon of Llandaff, was

4 Ann. nominated 5th March 1704-5, and elected 23rd

March. The royal assent to his election was given

5th April, and he was consecrated on the 29th of the

same month^^. He died 17th Feb. 1709-10, aged 75,

and was buried in the collegiate church of Brecknock.

1710 Philip Bisse, S.T.P., was nominated 19th Oct. 17 10,

9 Ann. and the royal assent to his election was given 8th

Nov., and he was consecrated on the 19th of the

same month 9^. He was translated to Hereford 16th

Feb. 1712-3.

1713 Adam Otley, S.T.P., archdeacon of Salop, was nomi-

II Ann. nated nth Feb. 1712-3, elected 28th Feb., confirmed

at Bow church 14th March, and consecrated the next

day at Lambeth '^^; the temporalities were restored

to him on the following day. He died 3rd Oct. 1723.

1724 Richard Smallbrooke, ca7ion residentiary of Hereford^

9 Geo. I. and treasurer of Llandaff^ was appointed bishop of

St. David's 26th Oct. 1723^^ and consecrated 'J^ 2nd

Feb. 1723-4. The temporalities were restored to

him on the following day. He was translated to

Lichfield and Coventry in 1731.

1731 Elias Sydall, dean of Canterhury, was nominated by

4 Geo. II. his Majesty bishop of St. David's 3rd Jan. 1730-1,

and consecrated i ith April ^^ following. He was trans- lated to Gloucester 2nd Nov. in the same year.

1732 Nicholas Claggett, dean of Rochester, was elected

5 Geo. II. bishop of St. David's pursuant to his Majesty's conge

d'elire issued 1 7th Dec. 1 73 1 , and consecrated 23rd Jan. 1731-2'. He was translated to Exeter in June 1742.

��aetat. 80, and was buried the day 9^ Rgg. Tenison, ii. fol. 73.

after his death in the chancel of *' Ibid. fol. 90.

Wilbraham church, but without 97 Church Book, Home Office,

the service of the church being 9^ Reg. Wake, ii. fol. 217.

read over him. 9!) Jbid. iii. fol. 6t.

^^ Reg. Tenison, fol. 91. 1 Ibid. fol. 100.

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