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318 ST. DAVID^S.

John Lewes hold this office in 1523 and 1539. Ob. 1541. Hugh Price or Aprice held it in 1541. Ob. 8th Aug.

1574- Thomas Lloyd, collated i8th Pec. 1574; installed

20th of the same month. Ob. 8th March 1612-13. Michael Angell or Aisgill collated loth Mai'ch

1612 13. John Johnson, collated nth Dec, installed 14th Dec.

1613. William Slatyer was collated 15th May, installed

i6th June 1616. Ob. 14th Feb. 1646-7. William Slatyer, son of the above, collated 24th

July 1647. He was not installed. William Owen was appointed by patent 9th Aug.

1660; installed 29th Sept. 1660. William Slatyer ordered by the King to be read- mitted 3rd July 1 66 1. Spencer Lucy, collated 14th Jan. 1668-9. Ob. in

Jan. 1 690- 1. Edmund Meyrick, collated 27th May 1691. Ob. 24th

April 17 13. Robert Clavering was admitted 30th May 17 13. Fuller Bowles admitted 6th Feb. 1724-5. Ob. Jan.

1742-3. John White succeeded Fuller Bowles 30th April 1743 ;

installed 20th July 1743. Ob. 13th May 1746. James Tunstall succeeded John White 21st May

1746. Ob. 28th March 1762. Robert Twyford succeeded James Tunstall 8th or

loth May 1762. Philip Cocks succeeded Robert Twyford 14th May

1776. Richard Raikes succeeded Philip Cocks 24th Oct.

1797. Died 5th Sept. 1825, aged 80. Charles Phillips succeeded Richard Raikes 17th

Oct. 2823.

This dignity is rated for first fruits at 24.I. 19s. ^.^d.


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