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The bishopric of Ely was created out of tlie see of Lincoln in the year i io8 ^ Its revenues were de- rived from the possessions of the monastery originally founded by Etheldreda daughter of Anna king of the East Angles-, but remodelled about the year 970 by Ethelwold bishop of Winchester, who introduced an abbot and regulars, and rebuilt and amply endowed the monastery ; which was further enriched by the munificence of king Edgar and other benefactors'*.

Richard the last abbot of Ely, intoxicated with his vast wealth, and impatient of being under the authority of the bishop of Lincoln, endeavoured to persuade the King, to erect his monastery into an episcopal see, and make him bishop thereof; but his ambition was cut short by a sudden death. The project, however, was carried out by king Henry, who, by the authority of the reigning pope, with the consent of the bishop of Lincoln and his chapter, and the advice of all the other bishops and abbots of the realm, converted this opulent monastery into a bishopric ' ; and 1 109 Herveus, bishop of Bangor, who had been driven from 10 Hen. I. his see by the Welsh, was appointed as the first bishop of Ely\ and consecrated 27th Juneii09^ He died 30th Aug. 1131, and was buried at Ely.

After the death of Herveus, the see was vacant tioo years.

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