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Thomas Willet succeeded Fuller in May 1559. Andrew Willet, S.T.P., instituted 22nd July 1584.

Ob. 4th Dec. 1621. Ralph Brownrigg, S.T.P., succeeded on the death of

Willet. Promoted to the see of Exeter in 1642. John Pearson, S.T.P., nominated 27th Aug., and in- stalled 22nd Sept. 1660. He resigned this stall for

the first in 1661. Thomas Wren was collated 4th Jan. and installed

25th Jan. 1661-2. Ob. 1679, being also archdeacon

of Ely. Humphrey Gower, S.T.P., nominated 25th Oct. 1679

and installed ist Nov. following. He died 27th March

17 II, setat. 74. John Davies, LL.D., was collated 24th Sept. 171 1.

Ob. 7th March 173 1-2. Christopher Clarke, 14th March 173 1-2. Ob. 19th

May 1742. Charles Harvey, loth June 1742. Ob. 21st March

1782. Thomas Roger Du Quesne, 3rd April 1783. Ob. 15th

Sept. 1793, setat. 74. Thomas Waddington, nth Oct. 1793. Ob. i8th June

1815, setat. 52. Sir Henry Bate Dudley, bart., 26th June 1815. John Henry Sparke, 4th March 1824. William Walbanke Childers, 13th April 1824.

Ob. 8th Feb. 1833. William Selwyn, 12th March 1833.


John Custons, by the charter of erection, loth Sept.

1541. Ob. 1543. Thomas Bacon, S.T.B., was admitted 15th March

1543-4. Ob. 2nd Jan. 1559-60. Thomas Barwick, presented in Jan. 1559-60. Andrew Dean, S.T.B., occurs in 1564. His will is

dated loth Dec. 1563.

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