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The first is apparently correct, i. e. 1072, according to the present style or computation. 1072 OsBERN succeeded Leofric in 1072^^. The time of his 6 Will. I. death is uncertain ; but the see seems to have been void some time. 1107 William Warlewast-^ or Warawast was conse- 8 Hen. I. crated nth Aug. iioy^^. He resigned on becoming blind, and retired to Plympton; but the year in which this took place and tliat in which he died -7 are not known. His successor was 1 138 Robert Chichester, dean of Salisbury, elected in 3 Steph. April 1138-S, and consecrated iSth Dec. in that year.

He died 28th March 1155-^9^ and was succeeded by

1 155 Robert Warleavast, also deati of Salishurt/, and ne-

I Hen. II. phesv of his predecessor William Warlewast. He was

consecrated by Theobald, archbishop of Canterbury,

5th June 1155'^^. He died 22nd March 1159-60,

and was buried at Plympton, near his uncle.

1 161 Bartholomew of Exeter-^i, dean of Chichester and

8 Hen. II. archdeacon of Exeter^-, was consecrated in 1161 by

Walter bishop of Rochester, the see of Canterbury

24 He was present, as bishop of ton., Chron. Petrob. Gervas. &c. Exeter, at the council of Wind- all fix the year 1155 for the death sor, held in 1072. Concil. Angl. of Robert and the consecration torn. i. p. 325. of his successor; but the Exeter

25 Warawast. Flor. Wigorn. Martyrology places his death in Continuat. 1150, and also mistakingly calls

2*5 In die Dominica quae fuit him the nephew of bishop Wil-

iii Idus Augusti. Sim. Dunelm. liam Warlewast. The writer is

Hist. therefore probably wrong in the

27 Matt. Paris says he died in date of his death.

1 136. 30 Annales Veteres an. 1155.

2S Rex Anglonim Stephanus, Obiit Robertus Exon. Episcopus

inoctavisPasch8e,quoderativId. et successit Robertus Decanus

April (loth Api-il) 1138, tenuit Sarum consecratus est Non.

concihum Northamtonise ; in quo Junii 1155.

quoi-undam electione Exoniensi 31 Surnamed Iscanus, because

Ecclesiae jam pastorali cura de- he was born at Exeter, which

stitutge, de medio facti praesulis was anciently called Isca. See a

Guhelmi de Warawast, archidia- notice of him in Giraldus Cam-

conus nomine Robertus pastorali brensis de Vitis sex Episcopo-

curas prseficitur. Flor. Wigorn. rum Cosetaneorum, cap. xxviii.

Contin. 32 MS. Cott. Domit. A. 8.

29 Matt. Westm., Annal. Win-

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