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THE diocese of Canterbury contained, up to 1st Jan. 1846, three-fourths of the county of Kent[1] besides about one hundred peculiars[2] in other dioceses. Up to that time there was only one archdeaconry, that of Canterbury; but by an order in council, gazetted 4th June 1 841, there was founded a new archdeaconry, called and styled "the archdeaconry of Maidstone," consisting of the deaneries of Sittingbourne, Charing, and Sutton; and the right of collating the archdeacon of Maidstone was vested in the archbishop of Canterbury and his successors for ever; and the canonry, or

  1. By an order in council, gazetted 20th Aug. 1845, founded on stat. 6 & 7 Will. IV. c. 77, the diocese of Canterbury is made to consist of the county of Kent, (except the city and deanery of Rochester, and the parishes proposed to be included in the diocese of London[a]) and of the parishes of Croydon and Addington, and the district of Lambeth palace, in the county of Surrey.
  2. By an order in council, gazetted 8th June 1841, the deanery of Southwell, and the several parishes or places therein comprised, and the several parishes of Kinolton, South Muskham, Apesthorpe, Bole, East Drayton with Askham, Laneham, Misterton, West Stockwith, and North Wheatley, in the county of Nottingham, possessing or claiming peculiar jurisdiction and to be exempt from the ordinary jurisdiction of the archbishop of York and archdeacon of Nottingham, are to be annexed to and included in the province of Canterbury, diocese of Lincoln, and archdeaconry of Nottingham, respectively; all the other peculiars are done away with, and annexed to the several dioceses of London, Chichester, Winchester, Rochester and Ely.

^ Viz. the parishes of Charlton, Lee, Lewisham, Greenwich, Woolwich, Eltham, Plumstead, St. Nicholas Deptford, and St. Paul Deptford.