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1707, per mort. Jane 7. Ob. on or about 4th April 1720.

John Waugh, vice Chetwood^ 4th Aug. 1720^^. He was consecrated bishop of Carlisle 13th Oct. 1723.

John Frankland, vice Waugh ; he was nominated 5th Dec. 1723, and installed 12th Feb. 1723-4^1. He resigned in 1729.

Peter Allix, 28th April 1729^2, vice Frankland.

Daniel Newcombe, 28tli Oct. 1730^^^ vice Peter Allix. Ob. 3rd March 1758.

JosiAH Tucker, 13th July 1758^^, vice Daniel New- combe. Ob. 4th Nov. 1799, setat. 88.

John Luxmoore, i6th Jan. 1800^^ vice Josiah Tucker.

John Plumbtree, 14th April 1808 ^^^ vice John Lux- moore, promoted to the see of Hereford. Ob. 26th Nov. 1825, setat. 72.

Edward Rice, the present dean of Gloucester, was no- minated 19th Dec. 1825, and collated 19th Jan. 1826, vice Dr. John Plumbtree, deceased.


John Lamb, installed 20th Oct. 1837, vice Thomas Musgrave, dean of Bristol, promoted. Ob. 19th April 1850, setat. 61.

Gilbert Elliott, the present dean of Bristol, was in- stalled 2ist May 1850, vice John Lamb.


since its separation from WORCESTER.

Nicholas Wotton, LL.D., the \diS,i archdeacon of Glou- cester while part of the see of Worcester, was appointed by the charter of erection, dated 3rd Sept. 1541 ^7.

John Williams possessed this dignity i5tli Sept. 1554, and died in Dec. 1558,

79 Reg. Glouc, Lamb and Dr. Elliott ought pro-

80 Bishops' Certificates. perly to have appeared under the ^^ Ibid, 82 Ibid. diocese of Bristol, as those dean- 83 Ibid. 84 Ibid. eries are distinct though the sees 85 Ibid. 86 Ibid. are united.

  • The appointments of Dr. 87 Rymer, vol. xiv. p. 728.

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