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Luke Beaulieu, installed 21st May 1687. Ob. May 1723.

Richard Duke, installed 6th July 1688. Ob. 10th Feb. 1710 II.

John Newton, installed 24th Sept. 1690. Ob. 20th

' Sept. 1 711.

Benjamin Barnet, installed i8th July 1691. Ob. 1707.

Benjamin King, installed 26th Sept. 1700.

Robert Bull, admitted 27th Dec. 1705.

Robert Cook, installed 21st Nov. 1707.

Christopher Baynes, admitted 24th March 1710-11. Ob. 23rd Sept. 1718.

Richard Blechindon, admitted 28th Sept. 171 1. An act of parliament passed in 1714 which settled the first stall that should become vacant on the mastership of Pembroke college, Oxford, for ever; which happen- ing to be the fifth stall, the same is now accordingly annexed.

Matthew Pantin, installed i8th Nov. 17 18.

Nathaniel Lye, archdeacon of Gloucester , collated 2nd July 1723.

Robert Cooke, 12th Sept. 1723.

Henry Gally, 15th May 1728, vice Benjamin King.

Nathaniel Templeman, 14th Jan. 1729-30, vice Ro- bert Bull.

Henry Gally, 7th June 1730, readmitted.

Joseph Atwell, 2nd Feb. 1736-7, vice Richard Ble- chindon.

Samuel Salter, 2i8t Jan. 1737-8.

Samuel Woolley, 2nd Feb. 1744-5, vice Samuel Salter resigned.

William AVarburton, 6th April 1753, vice Nathaniel Templeman.

Thomas Burton, 24th May 1755, v'<^ William War- burton.

Anthony Ellis. Ob. 16th Jan. 1761.

Alexander Malet, 26th Feb. 1761, vice Anthony Ellis. Ob. 21st Sept. 1775.

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