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St. Lawrence (loth Aug.) 1186^9. jje died 24th Dec. 11996'^.

1200 Giles de Braose or Rrewse^^i was consecrated 24th

2 Job. Sept. 1 200 6-^ in the chapel of St. Catharine at West- minster, together with John bishop of Norwich <^'^. He died at Gloucester Id. Nov. (13th Nov.) 12166^, and was buried in Hereford cathedral.

1 2 1 6 Hugh de M apenore, dean of Hereford^ was consecrated I Hen. III. at Gloucester, on Sunday 4th Dec. I2i6^>^, and the temporalities were restored to him on the 9th of the same month ^6. He died about Easter 121 9*^7, and was buried in Hereford cathedral. The conge d'ehre, vice Hugh de Mapenore, issued 23rd of April I2I9'^^ and

1 219 Hugh Foliot, archdeacon of Salop, was elected ^'J, and 3 Hen. III. received the royal assent to his election ist July 1219"^. He was confirmed vi Cal. Nov. (27th Oct.), consecrated 3rd Nov. in that year?', and he died 26th July 1234"'. The license for the election of a suc- cessor to Hugh Foliot is dated 21st Aug. 123473.

1234 Ralph of Maidstone, dean of Hereford, and arch- deacon of Chester, was Foliofs successor, and had the

��i8H. III.

��^9 Rad. de Diceto. (i8th Dec.)

o Ymag. Hist. In Sept. 1 198 66 Pat. i Hen. HI. m. 15. The

(Gervas. Chron.) 1198 Hoved. Annals of Waverley state that he

fol. 448. was consecrated 6th Dec. 1216;

61 Gilo de Brause(Matt.West.) but that day fell on Tuesday. He was son of William de Brai- 67 Matt. West. Id. Ap. (13th osa, baron of Brecknock. Hoved. April,) Obituar. Rading. MS. fol. 458. Cott. Vesp. E. v.

62 Hoved. et Matt. West. 68 Pat. 3 Hen. III. m. 4.

63 Rad. de Diceto. 69 Elected in June and conse-

64 Pat. 17 Joh.m. 12. iSthNov. crated in October. Annal. Wig.

65 On 9th Dec. 12 16 the ca- et Rot. Profess.

nons of Hereford are allowed 70 Pat. 3 Hen. III. m. 3.

out of the temporalities of the 71 Rot. Profess. Circa festum

bishopric thirty marks for their Omnium Sanctorum. Matt. West,

expenses in prosecuting the elec- 72 One authority states that he

tion of their bishop. Glaus, i died 7th Aug. 1234. His obiit

Hen. III. m. 25. Another autho- was celebrated in this cathedral

rity (Annal. Wigorn.) states that 7th Aug.

he was consecrated xv Cal. Jan. 7a Pat. 18 Hen. III. m. 7.

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