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John de Eltham or Elham succeeded in 13 i6. Henry de Restoreshall held it in 1349^^. Richard de Retford, appointed loth Dec. 1349 "^^ William de Birmingham resigned this stall in 1368. Roger de Sutton, collated 29th Oct. 1368. William Preen resigned it in 1385. Guy de Mona, collated 24th March 1^8^-6. He was

preferred to the see of St. David's in 1397. Walter Ameney succeeded 30th Oct. 1396. Richard Winchcomu, alias Jaks succeeded 17th June

1397. Ob. 1404. John Brugg, collated 7th Nov. 1404. He died in 1407. John Baysham, collated 24th Aug. 1407. -^ Thomas Balding succeeded 8th April 1412. John Baysham was admitted a second time 14th Oct.

1415- William Ingram succeeded i6th Sept. 1420. Thomas Burton, i8th Nov. 1427. Nicholas Dixon, collated ist Mar. 1430-1. Ob. 1448. Thomas Ringsted, collated circa 1439. John Breton, 7th April 1446. Ob. 6th April 1465. Walter Hunt, collated 13th June 1464. Adrian de Bardis, loth Feb. 1478-9. Oliver Sompner, collated 20th Aug. 1480. John Woodroof exchanged it in 1508. Christopher Twynhoe held this stall 5th Feb. 1508-9.

He died in the same year archdeacon of Berks. William Gobard succeeded i6th Oct. 1509. Made

treasurer of this cathedral in 15 12-13. William GreYj archdeacon of Berlcs, collated 14th

May 1512. His will, dated 9th Feb. 152 1-2, was

proved 8th March following. David Walker, collated 17th Feb. 152 12. Hugh Pole, collated 6th Sept. 1526. His will is dated

23rd July 1529. George Downe, collated ist Aug. 1529.

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