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Stephen Philips, instituted 1st Nov. 1641. Ob. 12th

 Jan. 1666-7, at Lugwarden.

Theophilus Cook, collated 5th Feb. 1666-7. John Clark, collated 16th June 1680. Ob. 9th Dec.


Richard Witherston, collated 9th Feb. 1712-13. Lewis Owen, collated 3rd March 1738-9. John Jones, collated 21st Oct. 1743. Charles Morgan, collated 24th Sept. 1768. William Allen, collated 19th June 1771. John Stone, collated 14th June 1776. Robert Price, collated 9th May 1778. Henry Gorges Dobyns Yate, collated 17th Sept. 1801. John Lilly, collated 2nd Nov. 1812. Frederick Benjamin Twistleton, 17th Nov. 1825.