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Peada king of Mercia having embraced Christianity at the instance of Oswi king of Northumbria, consented to receive a bishop to preside over his people : accordingly 656 DiUiAiA, a Scottish priest, was ordained by Finan^, be- tween 13th Nov. 655 and Easter 656. He died in the year 658.

658 Ceollach or Cellach^ was the second bishop of the

Mercians'^. Having resigned the see, he returned to his native country (Scotland) in the beginning of the year 659, and was succeeded by

659 Trumhere7, ahhot ofGilling^. He died in 662, and his

successor was 66^ Gearomax or Jarumann. He was sent into Essex in 664, and he died in 6699.


669 Ceadda or Chad 10, hisltop of York^\ succeeded Gearo- man in 669 ; and, with the consent of Wulfheri king of Mercia, established his see at Lichfield. He died 2nd March 672, and was buried in the cathedral at Lichfield 12, which was dedicated to his honour.

673 Winfredi^ or WuLFRiD was ordained bishop of Lich-

field in 673, and deposed in the following year by archbishop Theodore, on account of his refusing to sanction the appointment of additional bishops in the extensive province of Mercians as decreed by the council of Hertford,

674 Seaxwulfis^ a55o!^ of Peterborough, e\\ccee(\ei\ 'Win^Q^

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5 Cellah, Malmes. Pontif. fred; and deposed by Theodore

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