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��a pension of three hundred marks out of the eee^s. He died at Brewood 20th May 1257, and was buried on the 24th of that month at Lichfield^^. The license to elect a bishop, in the stead of Roger de Weseham, issued 25th "Dec. 12561, and

1257 Roger de Meuland or Molend-^, alias Longespee^, 41 H. III. canon of Lichfield, was elected 31st Jan. 1256-7^. The royal assent^ was given to his election 6th Feb. following^, and he was consecrated loth March 7. He died 16th Dec. 1295^, and was buried 3rd Jan. in Lichfield cathedral 9, on the south side of the high altar, near the bishop's throne. The conge d'eJire, vice the last named prelate, issued 12th Jan. 1295-6^0^ and

1296 Walter de l^A^aioyi, canon of LicJifi eld, wslS, eXecieA 24Edw. I. 20th Feb. 1295-6, and received the royal assent 25th Aprilii. He was confirmed by the archbishop nth June, and received the temporalities on the 16th of the same month i"-^, but he was not consecrated until 22nd Dec^*^ He died at London i6thi* Nov. 1321,

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5 The King in the first instance had recommended his treasurer Philip Lovel to the chapter of Lichfield. (Matt. Paris ad an. 1257.) Prynne, vol. iii. p. 359, states that John de Kirkeby, afterwards bishop of Ely, was elected bishop of Chester [Lich- field], but his election was an- nulled.

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I'l According to some writers he died 9th Nov. He was sus- pended from his office by the Pope in 1 30 1, on account of the grave charges brought against him by sir John de Lovetot; the King wrote to the court of Rome 24th Aug. 1302 (Feed. N. E. vol. i. par. ii. pp. 943 and 956), shewing that the charges in question were false ; and the Pope consequently restored him to his dignity by bull 6th June 1303 (Ibid. p. 956). On the accession of Edward II, to the

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