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Richard Peche (afterwards bishop of the see) is said to

have held this office in 1135. Adam de Stafford.

William de Villars held it from about 1139 to 1 149. Robert held the office from 1149 ^^ 1192. Hugh.

Thomas de Sancto Nicholao. Ralph de Maidstone held the office in 1220. He

became bishop of Hereford in 1 234. Silvester de Everdon held the office in Feb.

1244-5 s7.

Richard held the office 23rd Feb. 1248.

John Basing held the office in 1253.

Simon de Albo Monasterio, ahhot of St. Werhurgh.

Adam de Stanford or Stafford held the office in


Jordan de Winburn held the office in 127989. jje had license to go abroad 26th Oct. 1281 ^o. He held the office in 1282 and 128491.

Robert de Radewell, Raddeswill, or Radeswell,

��s^ This dignitary, it is asserted The lists in Le Neve, Browne

(though without sufficient au- WiUis, and Ormerod vary con-

thority), formerly took prece- siderably. I have done the best

dence of the other four arch- in ray power with them, but my

deacons of this diocese, and he list is far from satisfactory.

alone of the five had a stall in 87 p^t. 29 Hen. III. m. 9.

the choir. Statuta et Ordinatio- 88 Adam quondam archidiaco-

nes Ecclesias Cathedralis Lich- nus Cestrise. Claus. 8 Edw. I.

feldensis, ex autogr. penes Dec. m. 11. Sched.

etCap. Lichf. There is also con- 89 Claus. 8 Edw. I. m. 11. in

siderable uncertainty about the dorso.

early archdeacons of Chester, and ^0 p^t. 9 Edw. I. m. 5.

of the periods when they lived. '" Reg. Peckham.

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