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was buried in his own cathedral. The license to elect was then issued 3rd Sept.[1]

?3 Ed.III
Simon Islip, archdeacon of Stow, canon of St. Paul's, and dean of the arches, was nominated by papal provision; bull dated at Avignon Non. Oct. (Oct. 7) 1349.[2] He had the custody of the temporalities 19th Oct.[3], and the temporalities were restored to him 15th Nov.[4]; the bull was published in the chapter-house at Canterbury 18th Dec, and he was consecrated on the 20th of the same month[5]. He died at Oteford vi Cal. Maii (26th April) 1366, and was buried in his own cathedral 2nd May[6]. Upon Simon Islip's death, the license to elect a successor was issued 30th April[7].

William Edingdon, bishop of Winchester, was nominated to this see l0th May 1366, but refused it[8].

?? Edw. III
Simon Langham, bishop of Ely, was translated to this see by papal provision: the bull bears date 24th July 1366[9], and was published in the chapter Non. Nov. (5th Nov.), and the temporalities were restored to him on the same day[10]: he was solemnly enthroned 25th March 1367. He was made a cardinal 22nd Sept. 1368[11]; upon which he resigned this see on the 27th of the following November[12]. He died 22nd July 1376 at Avignon, and was buried there, but afterwards removed to Westminster Abbey, where he had been abbot.

?? Ed. III.
William Wittlesey, bishop of Worcester, was trans-

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