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Robert de Kirklington, 28th April 1337. Robert de Debire held this stall in 1350 and 1356. Nicholas de Wensley held it in 1361. Robert Foljambe, collated vi Non. Oct. (2nd Oct.)

1362, and exchanged it with John de Stafford, iii Cal. Martii (27th Feb.) 1363-4. He exchanged it for the Ix. sol. stall prebend in Lin- coln with William, de Crawle, vi Id. Nov. (8th Nov.) 1373.

He exchanged it with Thomas de Hardwick, who was admitted loth June 1394. He died in 1411, and was buried in the ca- thedral. Thomas Pulford, admitted 28th Nov. 141 1, vice Hard- wick. He quitted this stall in 141 3 for Hansacre. Henry Davy succeeded loth Feb. 141314, He died

in 1415, being archdeacon of Stafford. William Goldalston, admitted 5th March 1415-15,

vice Davy. Major Paris exchanged this stall for some other pre- ferment with John Everden, 24th Aug. 1423. He exchanged it

with Richard Dekelan, 8th Dec. 1443. He exchanged it

with Augustine Weffe, 26th Aug. 1449. Ralph Heicote, collated in Dec. 1464, vice Weffe re- signed. Thomas Reynold, collated 17th April 1473. He

quitted this prebend for Ourborough. John Radcliffe, collated ist Sept. 1475, vice Reynold

resigned. John Argentine, M.D., admitted nth April 1497

vice Radcliffe deceased. Richard Delves, admitted loth March 1501-2. He

quitted it for Stotfeild. Peter Burnel, LL.D., admitted 3rd July 1527. Ralph Sneyd, LL.D., admitted 28th Jan. 1528-9.

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