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Nicholas Sterr, admitted 13th Feb. 1356-7. , Thomas de Stanley, admitted 21st July 1382, and -^ exchanged it for St. Martin's deanery, London, with '^William Ashton, LL.D., 17th April 1399. , Walter Bullock, admitted 19th Oct. 1405. He ex- changed it for Dernford with n^I^Hexry Heyworth, admitted ist May 1431; resigned the same year, and succeeded by Richard Leyott, LL.D., admitted in Dec. 1431. Roger Wall, collated 7th March 1442-3, vice Leyott

deceased ; also archdeacon of Coventry. Humphry Hawarden, LL.D., admitted 19th Jan.

1488-9. He quitted it for Terwin. Edmund Halse, admitted 2nd April 1490. He died 8th May 1501, and was buried in the cathedral. His will, dated 8th April 1501, was proved 3rd June fol- lowing. Edward Wyllughby succeeded 8th July 1501. He

died 23rd Nov. 1508, being also dean of Exeter. John Taylor, admitted 3rd Jan. 1508-9. He quitted

it in 1532, being archdeacon of Bucks. Thomas Westby, admitted 19th March 1532-3. He

died 2Jst Dec. 1543, being archdeacon of York. John Clark, admitted 10th Jan. 1543-4. John White, S.T.P., admitted 24th May 1552. He

was made bishop of Lincoln in 1554. Elizeus Heywood, A.m., admitted 22nd June 1554. Arthur Beele, admitted 4th June 1564. Gilbert Magnolls, 6th Aug. 1565. Raphael Potter, collated 6th March 1572-3. William Wickham, dean of Lincoln, collated 2nd Sept. and admitted 20th Nov. 1579. He was made bishop of Lincoln in 1584. Anthony Corvanus of Seville, S.T.P., collated 5th

March 1584-5. He died 30th March 1591. Edward Playsteed, collated 20th June, and admitted

4th Aug. 1591. Laurence Hockenhull, collated 19th Jan. 1598-9, vol. I. 4 H

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