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Richard Plumer succeeded 2nd Aug. 1505.

Simon Symonds occurs in 1534; displaced in 1546 for

non-payment of tenths, &c. John Ram ridge, collated 12th June 1546. He was

made dean in 1554. Richard Weaver succeeded 13th July 1554. Thomas Lister, collated 12th Dec, 1559. Thomas Downam, collated nth July 1561. Richard Foster, collated 7th Aug. 1574. Christopher Gill, collated 8th Feb. 1574-5. William Hinton, collated 6th April 1597. Died in

1 63 1, being archdeacon of Coventry. John Burges, M.D., collated 5th Aug. 1631. John Cornelius, S.T.P., collated 16th Feb. 1635-6;

ejected in 1642, but came in again about Feb. 1663-4' William Squire, A.M., succeeded, 23rd July 1675,

vice Cornelius deceased. He died in Sept. 1677, and

was succeeded by Robert Hearsnet, A.M., collated 17th Oct. 1667; de- prived by the Government for some disqualification in

1696. John Laughton, A.M., collated 28th July 1696. Samuel Kimberley, A.M., collated 2nd March

171213. He quitted it for Frees. James Chetham, A.M., admitted 22nd May 1719, vice

Kimberley resigned. Michael Hutchinson, collated 13th April 1727, vice

James Chetham. Richard Milward, collated ist June 1730, vice Mi- chael Hutchinson. Matthew Horbery. Matthew Lamb, collated 5th Aug. 1773, vice Matthew

Horbery. Ob. 16th April 1797, setat. 66. Robert Foote, collated 12th Aug. 1797, vice Matthew

Lamb. John Chappel Woodhouse, collated 8th Feb. 1798,

vice Robert Foote resigned.

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