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Richard Pede, 28th June 1470. He died in 1480, being dean of Hereford.

John Jeffry, archdeacon of Sudbury, held this stall in 1481.

William Wrixham, S.T.P., admitted 19th Jan. 1493-4, vice Jeffry, deceased.

William Smith, admitted 30th April 1494, vice Wrixham, resigned.

Richard Wyot, admitted loth Feb. 1508-9, vice Smith, deceased.

John Scot, B.D., admitted 21st June 1522, vice Wyot, resigned.

Henry Hilton, admitted 22nd Dec. 1545, vice Scot, deceased.

Thomas Acworth, admitted 10th Jan. 1560-61.

Peter Murrey, admitted 9th April 1566.

Gilbert Magnoles, collated 5th Jan. 1568.

William Chapman held this stall in 1570.

Nicholas Paston, collated 3rd June 1605.

John Price, A.M., collated 18th July 1622.

John Jackson, A.M., collated 29th Sept. 1623. Died between 1642 and 1660.

Francis Bacon, B.D., admitted 8th Jan. 1660-61.

Nathaniel Elison, A.M., collated 7th June 1682. Died 1721, being also archdeacon of Stafford and prebendary of Durham.

John Masson, A.D., collated 17th July 1721, vice Nathaniel Elison.

Matthew Pilkington, collated 25th Jan. 1747-8, vice John Masson.

Thomas Roger Duquesne, collated 9th Dec. 1765, vice Matthew Pilkington.

William Brereton, collated Feb. 1794, vice Thomas Roger Duquesne.

Richard Corfield, collated 6th Feb. 1812, vice William Brereton.

George Hudson.