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L John Southam, admitted 8th June 1408.

y Thomas Wardrope succeeded 21st July 1409. He

exchanged it in 1424 with John Pigot, collated 7th Oct. 1424. Richard Whitelef, collated 20th JNIay 1433? vice

Pigot, deceased. Thomas Macclesfield, collated 25th Oct. 1436, vice

Whitelef, resigned. Henry Sharp, LL.D., collated 12th Sept. 1451, vice

Macclesfield, deceased. John Rivel, LL.D., collated 15th May 1461, vice

Sharp, resigned. Laurence Cokkys, collated 29th March 1465, vice

Rivel, deceased. William Jonys held it in 1495. Thomas Orton, LL.B., admitted 14th April 15 10. He

quitted it for Stotfold. William Bustard, LL.B., admitted i8th March

1521-2. William Deuley, A.M., admitted Dec. 1522. Thomas Beale or Bell, admitted 25th April 1561. Nicholas Novall, collated 4th July 1572. William Gilbert, admitted in 161 1. John Gilbert, A.M., collated iith March, admitted

7th May 1627-8. William Cox, admitted 8th Jan. i66o-5i. Matthew Fowler, S.T.P., collated 28th Sept. 1667. Francis Ashenhurst, A.M., admitted 19th April

1 684. He quitted it for Wellington. Thomas Allestree, A.M., collated 1st June, admitted

25th July 1 689. He quitted it for Curborough. Charles Palmer, A.M., collated 3rd May 1691. Philip Eyre, collated 5th April 1735, vice Charles

Palmer. William Vaughan, collated i8th July 1770, vice

Philip Eyre. Robert Foote, collated 29th May 1795, vice William


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